The power is in the hands of our investors

Today P2P Finance News published an interesting article to help explain some of the differences and similarities between peer to peer loans and crowdfunded bonds, both of which are eligible to be included in the Innovative Finance ISA.  

We believe it’s critical that the power should be in the hands of our investors to diversify their portfolio, Whitni Thomas explains why:  

“Many of the larger P2P platforms offer automatic diversification through investing in a portfolio of loans automatically selected for investors. However, most investment crowdfunding platforms, like ours, let investors choose each company they want to invest in. This means the investor takes responsibility for diversifying their portfolio. 

In return they get more control over where their money goes and what it gets invested in, which is aligned with what we are about at Triodos. We want investors to realise that their money has the power to change the world and to be able to put that in practice by doing whatever they feel passionate about - be that helping to bring super-fast broadband to rural communities, ensuring people with learning difficulties can live independently in their community or investing in green energy.”

Whitni Thomas is Senior Manager of Investor Relations and Crowdfunding at Triodos Bank