Can I transfer my Cash ISA or Stocks and Shares ISA to an Innovative Finance ISA?

Yes, you can transfer other types of ISAs to an Innovative Finance ISA provided you are transferring cash and not investments. If you hold a Stocks & Shares ISA and you wish to transfer it, your current provider will sell any investments you hold and transfer the cash proceeds.

Some ISA providers may not offer a partial transfer and there may be charges or costs, such as manager’s charges or lost interest so you should enquire with your current ISA manager.

If you want to transfer into a Triodos Bank IFISA, you first need to register as a user and complete your investor registration. You can then request a transfer by going to the 'Account' button and selecting 'ISA' and then 'New transfer'. Follow the steps to complete the details of the transfer on screen. A transfer authority form will then be automatically populated which you can print, sign and return to us and we will request the transfer from your existing provider. It usually takes between 15 and 30 days to transfer your ISA, depending on the type of ISA being transferred. This is worth bearing in mind if you would like to invest in a specific offer.

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