What are the benefits of SITR?

Investors in SITR qualifying bonds can, depending on their individual circumstances and the company’s compliance with the rules governing SITR, enjoy some or all of the following tax advantages:
  • Income tax relief: 30% of the amount invested is given as a relief against income tax liability in the tax year the investment is made or in the previous tax year;
  • Capital gains hold-over relief: payment of tax on a capital gain can be deferred where the gain is re-invested into investments that also qualify for SITR. The SITR qualifying investment must be made in the period one year before or three yearsafter the gain arose; and
  • Capital gains disposal relief: an investment which has attracted income tax relief (that has not been subsequently withdrawn) is exempt from capital gains tax if theinvestment is disposed of for more than the purchase price. 
The investment must have been held for at least three years. 

You should always take your own tax advice before deciding whether to invest.

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