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Animal Trust Vets CIC


"We believe that pet ownership isn’t just for the wealthy. We aim for someone who earns the real living wage to be able to afford care for their pet at Animal Trust. We also run our business for our customers and our staff and do it as sustainably as we can. We hope to become the first B Corp certified veterinary business in the UK."

Owen Monie, Founder and Director, Animal Trust Vets CIC

Animal Trust

Animal Trust (the trading name of Animal Trust Vets CIC) is a veterinary social enterprise operating across Cheshire, North Wales, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Shropshire and Yorkshire.

The company’s focus is on the health and care of the animals it looks after. Its mission is to make good veterinary care more affordable and accessible for pet owners earning the real living wage and, so doing, to help lower income households to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of pet ownership.

Initially structured as a private limited company, the founder restructured the business into a community interest company (CIC) in January 2020. For Animal Trust, sustainability is about more than making a profit, it’s about making a difference to communities and patients, while minimising environmental impact and being financially sustainable over time. The CIC structure ensures profits are re-invested back into the social objectives of the business, rather than being used solely to maximise financial return for the founder.

For the 18 months ending 30 June 2021, Animal Trust group generated £21.8 million turnover and £1 million of profit after tax.

The bond offer

Animal Trust is seeking to raise £2 million to support the fit-out of two recently acquired surgeries, as well as support with the rollout of further new sites. The company also has plans to grow its online veterinary service and invest in a net zero pet crematorium.

In line with its core mission, Animal Trust seeks to open sites in areas where the available veterinary services are too expensive for local residents. This means they target locations that are either within, or accessible to, lower earning individuals and families.

IFISA eligible

Animal Trust bonds are eligible to be held in a Triodos Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA). The IFISA is a type of ISA that allows you to hold crowdfunded debt securities such as this bond. As with all ISAs, there are eligibility criteria and you receive interest tax-free. ISA eligibility does not guarantee returns or protect consumers from losing their money.

To invest in Animal Trust bonds through a Triodos IFISA, select the ‘Invest through IFISA’ option. This selection will add to your current year IFISA or will open a new IFISA if you haven’t previously opened one.

Transferring an existing ISA

If you want to invest by transferring an existing ISA to a Triodos IFISA you must first request the transfer. You can do this under ‘Account’ once you’ve become a registered user of the platform. Your ISA transfer must be completed first, before you make an application for bonds.

Key terms


Animal Trust Vets CIC

Target amount



5 years, repayable on 30 November 2026 

Minimum investment



6% gross per year. Payable in arrears on 30 November each year (paid net of UK basic rate tax unless held in an IFISA). Payment of interest and repayment of capital are not guaranteed.

Early repayment

Animal Trust Vets CIC has the right to repay the bonds without penalty from 30 November 2023.


The bonds are unsecured, which means that bondholders will rank equally with Animal Trust Vets CIC’s other unsecured creditors and behind secured and preferential creditors on insolvency.


Bonds are transferable but are not listed on any investment exchange which means that bondholders will have to find a willing buyer and agree a purchase price with them, which in practice may not be easy. Investors should be prepared to hold the bonds for their full five-year term. 


A gearing covenant applies which places a limit on total permitted borrowings. The first breach of this covenant triggers a higher rate of interest for the period of the breach; two consecutive breaches constitute an event of default. The company also commits to securing B-Corp accreditation by 31 May 2023.  A breach of this commitment triggers a higher rate of interest from that date and applies until accreditation is secured.

Minimum raise

£800,000. If less than £800,000 is raised, monies will be returned to investors with no accrued interest.


Closes on 31 January 2022, unless fully subscribed earlier or the offer is extended. Bonds are allotted 14 days after close and investors start to accrue interest from that date. 

Capital at risk - warning

Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed. Investors should read the offer document in full, including the risks section, before deciding whether to invest. 

Please note that payment of interest and capital is not guaranteed and is dependent on the continued successful operation of Animal Trust Vets CIC

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  • £1,757,299 of £2,000,000
  • 11 days left
  • 88% raised
Minimum investment



5 years


6% per year

Tax relief

IFISA eligible

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