A great catch from Fishtek Marine

Fishtek Marine received some great news in December 2020 following a period of extensive sea testing and approval of its proprietary Banana Pinger device in Norway.

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- 18 January 2021

In order to maintain access to the crucial US export market and retain the Marine Stewardship Council sustainability accreditation, the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association agreed to adopt proposals put forward by the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries and introduce acoustic pingers from January 2021 on all fishing nets used by boats in the West Coast fishing region.

Pingers are warning devices which are attached to nets and send out acoustic signals which prevent marine mammals such as dolphins and porpoises from getting entangled and drowning in the nets.

A spokesperson for the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association explained: “It is in principle positive that measures are being introduced to limit the capture of marine mammals for biological reasons, but also that it is important to ensure both market access for Norwegian fish products in the USA and the MSC certifications in Norwegian fisheries.”

Fishtek Marine successfully raised £900,000 of equity capital on the Triodos Crowdfunding platform in 2019. Pete Kibel, co-founder and director of Fishtek Marine commented “This is a great breakthrough both for the company in terms of a significant new market, but also for marine conservation more broadly. It just shows that strong regulatory leadership (from the US in this case) can drive product innovation and underpin conservation efforts.”