Leaving an impact legacy

Leaving your relatives more than just happy memories is important to many people. Did you know your crowdfunding investments can be included as part of your estate? You can leave a truly impactful legacy.

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- 9 December 2019

From speaking to our community of investors, we know that some are wary about investing in our longer-term bond offers because of concerns around what will happen to the investment should they not outlive the term of the bond.

The length of bond terms on our platform has varied from five to 18 years depending largely on the proposed use of funds and the payback on investment. For example, investments in renewable energy infrastructure supported by long-term government subsidies will typically be at the longer end of the spectrum and will include an inflation-linked interest rate to mirror the feed-in tariff.

Some investors were concerned the bonds could not be ‘cashed in’ or transferred and worried the beneficiaries of their estate would be left with a complicated investment. However, the good news is we have clauses in our bond offers to facilitate the bonds being redeemed or transferred in this scenario.

All our bonds are transferable and can be redeemed in the event of a bondholder’s death, at the company’s discretion.

We are pleased to offer investors a choice of offers (bonds and shares) which can be included as part of an inherited estate. In the event of an investor’s death, an estate recipient can apply to the organisation concerned to either ask for the investment to be repaid (albeit this is subject to the discretion of the organisation) or for it to be transferred into their name.

Bonds issued for the 2019 Linton Hydro bond offer are both transferable and capable of being redeemed in the event of the death of a bondholder, at the company’s discretion.

Many Triodos investors choose to invest their money through the crowdfunding platform because they want to not only make an investment which is anticipated (although not guaranteed) to deliver good returns, but also because they want an investment which is making a positive impact on people and planet.

If these investments become part of an investor’s estate, they can also know they are leaving a legacy for their beneficiaries that will aim to deliver positive impact well into the future.