HISBE opens its doors in Worthing

The 'rebel' supermarket supported by our crowdfunding investment recently opened the doors of its new shop in Worthing. Despite a challenging year the social enterprise hope when shopping becomes less restricted later on in 2021 people will choose to not go back to normal, but to go back to better.

12 January 2021

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HISBE is an ethical supermarket based in Brighton which sells locally sourced, responsibly produced food.

In February 2020, HISBE raised £450,000 through a bond on the crowdfunding platform to fund its planned expansion to Worthing.

As Covid delayed the opening of the second store, the HISBE team adapted their working practices and continued to trade from their Brighton store all year, providing high quality food to its customers and helping local suppliers distribute their goods locally. 

The new Worthing store opened in mid-January.  Ruth Amos, HISBE’s co-founder and director said: “Whilst the pandemic is hurting so many small businesses, it’s also brought a new appreciation for independent food shops and hope for the good food movement. Covid's got people thinking about their food, what they’re eating, where it’s come from and how it’s produced. And so we’ve found people are becoming more interested in switching from the big supermarkets to stores like ours. After all, why go back to normal, when you can go back to better?!”